Understanding Integrity: How Setting Boundaries Helps You Stay True to Yourself

Setting boundaries cultivates integrity with yourself.  Integrity is about staying within the zone of who you are.  What I mean by that is that we are able to stretch who we are and how we act in order to grow and increase flexibility and to push ourselves.  But! Living in integrity means that you know the core of who you are and are sensitive to when you have stretched yourself too thin or when you have moved too far away from your core and outside of who you are.  This is energetically and emotionally like yoga.  In yoga, we stretch to that point of sweet discomfort, but not past that.  Pushing past discomfort into pain is how we strain our muscles and joints and cause real injuries.  No pain no gain is so 40 years ago as far as I’m concerned.  No good comes from pushing yourself until you break.

The Danger of Codependence: Why Listening to Your Intuition is Vital

If we weren’t taught to trust ourselves when we were young and for many people, women especially, were taught to assume that what other’s expectations are more trustworthy than yourself.  It makes it difficult to allow yourself your needs, accept your own emotions, and believe in yourself and trust your instincts.

graphic showing a woman facing away from viewer, searching for a castle floating in the sign. Stop sign with hand raised in front of a fence made of colored pencils.

The Power of No: Using Boundaries to Reclaim Your Energy and Empower Yourself

Anytime that you set a boundary you are creating a sacred container, like a crucible, for yourself.  This container like that of the alchemists, allows you to grow your power and empower yourself rather than drain yourself for everyone else.  The more you practice listening to yourself, checking in, caring for your body, etc. the more you notice when something feels out of alignment and when you’ve moved out of integrity.

The Real Self Care

What if you were able to set a boundary and say no as a way to bring yourself back to your true nature?  Each time you do this your call your power back and it grows.  You find that you spend less time stressed out, freaked out, and exhausted.  You have more energy for the things you love and for really living. Read more about self-care here. 

Cultivating Healthy Relationships: How Self-Care Can Transform Your Connections

One of the main things I do with my clients is help them listen to their intuition, seat into a powerful sense of integrity, and set better boundaries in their relationships and with the world.

I mainly work with high performing women who need to learn how to set better boundaries at work, home, and in their relationships.  We work together to dive deep into setting boundaries to cultivate personal integrity.

If you want to chat more how this might affect you, reach out for a consult so we can talk more.