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You Want More Clarity on Your Path

You have an underlying sense of purpose that drives you forward, a spiritual yearning.

Or maybe you want to learn more about yourself, listen to your intuition, and understand more about yourself, your desires, and what you really need to do to get to where you want to go in your life. 

What is the next step?  How do I release the ties from the past so that I can do my work in the world, to really grow, to move forward?  What is the future I’m destined for?

The dream maker offers you clarity on the past, the present, and the potential future.

Working with dreams is a deeper way to improve your quality of life and align with your future goals.

Images from your dreams are living symbols, carrying with them lost treasures and power, waiting for you to claim them.  These symbols are pregnant with possibility.

They are presenting you with the opportunity for insight. 

You are ready to level up. 

It is time to open the door to your dreams; to know yourself in a way you’ve hoped for.

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What is an art therapy dream group?

Maggi has led dream groups since 2018.

This group will be starting on October 11 and meeting online, twice a month, for at least 8 sessions.  Groups will be a small, intimate setting with a max of 8 members.  The group will include the following:

  • Lessons about understanding your dreams including techniques for a deeper dream practice, different aspects of dreams, and art prompts.  Get your burning questions answered about dreams.
  • Art making in group to process the content and dream images.
  • Group discussion and member support for concerns brought up from the dream content.  Group incubation of dreams creates the magic that the whole is more than its individual parts.  Minds working together connect to more possibilities from the psyche.
  • Recommended resources for further exploration and study. 

Dreams speak through images and the visual centers of our brains.  Exploring through art can help connect the parts of the brain that understand visual processing with our conscious, more linear, verbal centers. 

Learn more about dreams here:

What will be covered in the lessons?


The topics covered will be as follows for the first 8 lessons:

  • Introduction to the World of Dreams
  • Creating Sacred Space – Inviting your Dream Maker and Keeping a Dream Journal
  • The Beginning- Understanding the Archetypal Threshold
  • Symbols and the Transcendent Function
  • Working with Complexes
  • Shadow Work in Dreams
  • Tracking Themes in Dreams
  • The Process of Individuation
  • Anima/Animus/Animum -Internal Guide to the Depths

    What Others Are Saying...

    Maggi’s dream group offered me profound insights into my struggles and psyche. Maggi was shining lights on seemingly confusing symbols and situations in my dreams. I have discovered many things about myself. I also learned so much more about symbolism and archetypes. Each class was like an adventure to our subconscious. We also did tons of Art in these sessions, and it was therapeutic to me, I never thought I could draw!! If you have intense dreams with lots of visuals and emotions, or simply want to learn to depict your own dreams, I would highly recommend Maggi’s dream group. -A

    Ever find yourself having repetitive dreams, vivid, or odd, or specific dreams and you’d like to know more about the message behind them?  I’ve been having all of the above since I retired (yes, two years ago!!!) and they’d become like nightmares.  As fate would have it, I met Maggi Colwell and wow! They have made everything make so much more sense.  I “get” the waking perseverations as well as the sleeping ones.  I see messages in so many new ways thanks to our work together.  I can’t recommend the work they do to integrate all of your Selves into you.  Worth every minute.  Worth every penny.  -K

    Maggi Horseman - Art Therapist in Columbus, OH

    I’m Maggi, an art therapist in Columbus 

    I came to art therapy as a second career in my mid thirties when I needed a major life course correction. So I’ve been there.  I understand the confusion, the guilt and shame, the grief, the seemingly never-ending tears.  (I’m happy to say they do end, eventually).  

    I understand the utmost necessity of needing to go your own way and let go of the relationships, the old ways, and the old you that aren’t serving anymore.  

    I have also experienced the betrayal, estrangement, loneliness, the creative block, and the doubt.  Oh! the dark, gruesome wrestling with yourself at night.  I know that demon too.  

    I don’t agree with the adage of “everything happens for a reason.”  Heck no, I wouldn’t wish some of the crap life serves up on anyone!  I do, however, know that that the clear day at the end of the catastrophic storm will dawn.  

    Your art process will be one of discovery for your new path a new you and I’ll be with you to ferry you through it to the other side of muddy waters.  


    How much does it cost?

    One payment of $525 for the first 8 sessions.  ($75 savings).


    $150 a month ($75 per session).  Monthly automatic payments for 4-month series.

    I don’t always dream; can I still participate?

    Yes, you can bring old reoccurring dream themes to work on.  You may find that by giving yourself an invitation to dream and investing time on your dreams, that you will dream more. 

    The group environment will allow you gain insight from other people’s symbols in the discussion as well.  I’ll want to add here that fantasies and daydreams work the same way dreams do, so you may notice waking content that is useful to work with too.

    I am NOT an artist!  I can’t draw a straight line!  Will this work for me?

    Yes!  No artistic talent or experience needed.  The art is not about making a pretty picture in the end.  It is a way to process using your hands, the visual centers of the brain, and engage in creative problem solving.  It helps you to experience symbolism in ways you wouldn’t through only thinking or talking about it. 

    I am not sure I’ll be able to make every session.  Is the group still right for me?

    It is preferrable for everyone to be able to commit to all the sessions.  It helps everyone feel supported and connected in the group environment.  I understand that sometimes illness or emergencies happen though.  Lessons will be available outside of class.  The group processing will remain private and not recorded. 

    Is this therapy?

    Technically, no.  It is not therapy.  We are not treating psychopathology.  The group is intended for exploration and well-being, which are not considered diagnosable according to the medical model.  However, you may find reduced stress, insight, and social support from the group which can be very beneficial. 

    If you are mainly concerned with concerns such as depression, anxiety, or grief, you may be more interested in art therapy with me.

    How Do I Sign Up?

    You can save your spot by sending me an email at

    If you are interested in payment plans or have more questions, schedule a consultation with me and we can chat!

    Still not sure?  You may be interested in taking my class on dream work here:

    Just want the lessons to work at your own pace or does the group session schedule not work for you? The lessons are available for $200.

    Is being a part of a group not your thing?  Do your dreams feel too intense, awkward, or just too private to share with a group?  That’s okay, I do dream work with individuals for $200 per weekly session.