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I have always had a love for art making and the creative process.  Art therapy seemed a perfect fit for me to share my joy for creativity, inspire others, and make an impact on people’s lives.   

Art therapy is a second career for me, and a transformative part of my life’s story as I completed my own grief journey.  While working in hospice, we used to say, there are people who have lost someone and people who haven’t yet. 

All of those who are called to do grief, loss, and trauma work have their own stories of how they got the calling. 

As a kid, I was always interested in my dream world.  Dream interpretation, symbolism, surrealism, and mythology inspired my early artwork. 

My dream work is still an invaluable part of my life that enriches me through warnings, insights, and unexpected blessings.

Coping skills and positive thinking don’t answer questions when life brings unimaginable tragedy or loss.  Some of my life experiences made me look at myself and my life and ask some pretty tough questions as I looked for more satisfying answers.  

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Alice asks the Cheshire cat where she should go from here.  The cheshire cat replies, “If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter what path you take.” 

That may be true, but only partly so.  You may not be able to see the path ahead clearly and not know what step to take next.  There is a deep, knowing part of you that is a guide urging you forward to live out your dreams with a sense of purpose and meaning.  

It’s Time to Write your Story.

 As you get clarity about where you want to go, you’ll find more energy and more resources become available to support you. 

The path begins to open.   

I’ll Honor Your Journey

There is an amazing balm to really having your life’s story witnessed. Sometimes in therapy you feel like you’ve been really heard for the first time. 

In the co-creation of art therapy, we will work toward creative expression that gives you a new perspective on where you came from and clues for the next chapter.  

The Official Stuff:

I have my masters in art therapy from Florida State University.  I am recognized by the Art Therapy Credentialing Board as a board certified, registered art therapist, ATR-BC 20-086.

I am a Master’s level Dream Pattern Analyst from the Assisi Institute.  I am also am an Archetypal Pattern Analyst in training.  

My training has included work with trauma, grief, and maternal mental health.  


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