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Why do I Keep Having the Same Dream?

I know this nightmare is trying to tell me something, but what?

Why do I keep having the same dream?  They seem to be getting more vivid, more intense, more persistent.  It’s driving me crazy!  What does it mean?

You are having the same dream or same type of dream over and over.  The dream might be scary, stressful, embarrassing, or just plain old confusing.  It seems like every night.  It won’t leave you alone.  You’re beginning to dread going to sleep.  You can’t stop thinking about it. 

This is a nightmare.  What does it mean?!?  How do I figure out what this dream means?

The dream dictionary didn’t help.  The internet search, the forums came back dry. 

That’s because dreams are incredibly specific and personal.  The context of your life and the language of your history, your knowledge, your personality is all incorporated into the dream.  Dreams are fractal, and in that way organic and complex. 

Dreams are your unconscious mind telling you things that you can’t see with your waking mind.  However, what they are telling you, you are ready to hear.  It’s the past ready to be processed and will reorient you to the ghosts of your past, the current situation, and future story. 

This way you can embrace more of your true self, in all your parts. 

You’re ready to integrate this information so you can make use of it.  Once you do, the dreams will change. 


collage of silhouette of woman in front of moon, words dreams and a jar candle with a heart in front of her.  dream interpretation the study and analysis of dreams

Dream Interpretation Can Help you Change Course

The course correction is encoded in your dreams

A new dream opens; this is not the old theme. 

Relationships become more satisfying, old wounds seem to heal. 

You find that you have a choice, a moment’s pause, clarity.  You are no longer reacting, but acting. 

Who is this new you? 

You find that life starts working out better, like a moment of grace. 

Not only do you feel better, but the world around you seems to change too.

It’s not a fantasy. It can be your reality.

Dream Interpretation Helps Heal the Past, for Good

How dream pattern analysis really works

I will tell you this too.  Dreams pull no punches.  They cut through the distractions and the defenses and get right to the main issue.  Real dream work is serious.  I work from a trauma-informed model so that you can heal from the past in a secure environment at your own pace.  Dream interpretation is a co-creation between you, your dream, and the dream pattern analyst as a guide. 

You’ll know when we’ve come across the right path; the meaning clicks into place and often correlates with a release of a burst of emotion, a feeling of alignment, rightness.  I’ve often felt it, both as a therapist and as the client; its like an internal earthquake.  That’s it!  Eureka! 

That release of energy in the dream work is like a reclaiming of your own lost power.  An example of what this feels like is lancing a boil.  It was infected, swollen, and painful.  In the right sterile environment, under the hands of a professional, draining it will aid in the healing, and provide instant relief. 

Making the unconscious conscious through dream work is what shadow work really means.  The shadow is the parts of us that are suppressed or the parts that we can’t see, our blind spots.  There is a lot of misinformation on the internet that talks about it being the dark parts or the parts we don’t like. If you can see that it’s a part you don’t like, it’s something you can see and not in your shadow. In dreams, the shadow shows up most often as a peer that you are in conflict with. It can also show up as a scary, evil, or villainous figure. 

All figures in dreams are also part of yourself.  In dream interpretation, we work to create relationships with the parts of you crying out to be heard through the symbols in the dreams.  We work together to create relationships with these figures so they can be allies and guides. 

You’ll no longer find yourself feeling plagued by the dreams.  Instead, you’ll be excited to see what wisdom, power, and healing they have for you. 

Here’s what some of the people I’ve worked with have said:

Maggi’s dream class offered me profound insights into my struggles and psyche. Maggi was shining lights on seemingly confusing symbols and situations in my dreams. I have discovered many things about myself. I also learned so much more about symbolism and archetypes. Each class was like an adventure to our subconscious. We also did tons of art in these classes and it was really therapeutic to me, I never thought I can draw!!

If you have intense dreams with lots of visuals and emotions, or simply want to learn to depict your own dreams, I would highly recommend Maggi’s dream classes.

Dream Interpretation Can Change Your Life

Dreams help heal your most persistent symptoms

 Here are some examples of things that your dreams might be trying to help you fix:

  • Less conflict at work, with relationships, and with your partner.
  • Releasing yourself from what seems like a blackhole of your family drama.
  • No longer unconsciously dating that same “type” of bad-for-you person. Yeah, that guy.
  • Increased energy,
  • Decreased nightmares, flashbacks, obsessive thinking, and impulsive actions. 
  • Understanding where your social anxiety comes from and being able to work through it.
  • A reduction in autoimmune symptoms (exacerbated by stress and trauma).
  • A reduction in bodily symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, tension, and panic.
  • Not feeling stuck anymore.  Feeling like you have a clear sense of where you are going and feeling empowered when you make decisions. 

Your dream images can be holographic, beautifully lyrical artforms in themselves. 

Maggi Horseman - Art Therapist in Columbus, OH

I’m Maggi, a dream pattern analyst in Columbus 

and I get it.

I’ve had the cringe worth dreams, the unending nightmares.  I’ve felt stuck and helpless to my nightly visions.  

And, I’ve see the power of what dream interpretation and depth therapy can do.

Dream interpretation is such rich inner work.  I can’t image who I would be if I hadn’t crossed that threshold to understanding my dreams in my own healing journey. 

Difficult times in life can be a lot easier when someone has your back and is willing to sit with you in the dark.  

I’ll be here with you through the whole process, wherever that journey takes you.

Empowering clients on their own, unique journey is the most rewarding process I’ve ever experienced. 

 I help people get out of their heads and trust their gut.  Through dream work we get you on track to living your dreams so that you can truly be your integrated, whole self. 

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Dream Art Therapy Group in Formation


If you’re looking for a way to explore your dreams with the support of other people, a dream group is currently in formation.  Find details and sign up info here

Is Dream Interpretation real?


Yes.  Dream interpretation has been a time honored practice since the dawn of history. 

Dream pattern analysis helps you translate messages from your unconscious. 

Because your unconscious formed before your logical mind, dreams speak to us in images. 

As a dream pattern analyst, I look at dream themes as they relate to your emotional landscape, your experience of the world, and with your relationships to help you understand the messages from your unconscious.  

Read more about dreams on my blog here.

Can’t I look at a dream dictionary online?


A dream dictionary is like a horoscope.

It is a broad view of symbolism that does not relate to the complexities of current events or the context of your relationship to your dream.

In dream work, we look at the dream’s whole story in context to you.

Why do my dreams seem so real right now?


The world is in the midst of enormous upheaval right now due to societal, environmental, financial, political, and racial change.

During the isolation of lockdown, many found their dreams were more vivid.  

Because we changed our daily routines and reduced the hustle and bustle of busyness, there were less distractions.

The reduction of social activities, and activeness, allowed our minds to turn inward, like reducing the volume of background static on a TV.

Because of this, the unconscious part of ourselves, the part that speaks through dreams, became clearer.

We had more time to think, to listen, to reflect.  


The whole world is changed.  Something shifted.  You dreams are inviting you to uplevel that shift.  

What is Dream Interpretation and how does it work with Art Therapy?


Both our dreams and the art we create share the same language- the language of our unconscious.

Ask yourself, “where does art come from?”

When we are creating art, we aren’t actively thinking about it.

Similar to when we are dreaming- we let our unconscious guide us.

To learn more about how these two approaches work together, visit my Art Therapy page.

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