Processing Feelings and Emotional Overload

It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed and exhausted all the time.  Many of us experience an almost constant barrage of visual and emotional stimuli from social media, advertising, the news, games, etc. etc.  But once one clip ends, the next begins with no time to let it steep and really let what you are feeling sink in.  Thus, this process contributes to the overwhelm, exhaustion, and disconnection with yourself.  This is why taking time for processing feelings is so important!

Differentiating Between Emotions and Feelings

Last Friday I participated in a day long seminar and experiential about differentiating between emotions and feelings. This is part of my training as a training candidate at the CG Jung Institute Zurich.  The analyst leading us made the point that we have all sorts of fast paced emotions flying around from the reels, shorts, clips, and memes we are constantly flooded with.

Taking Time to Process Feelings

But we aren’t doing is processing the feelings. This means that you slow down to really feel what emotions feel like in your body, see how your body feels about it.  How does my body feel?  Do I have sensations, responses?  What images come to mind in response to this?

Then you use your mind to really think it through. What does it mean to me? Why am I having this reaction? What can I learn here? How do I want to act in the world? What does it mean for me moving forward?

Group Emotional Processing Feelings

The afternoon we slowed things down to take time for processing. We got into small emotional process groups and worked on one emotion. We shared as you might a dream with a dream group. Then we did individual artwork about how the process felt and how we were feeling now. Then we processed the art we did together. Most of the circle was moved to tears. Me included! 😭

A Feeling of Synchronicity

sunset at Lake Zurich at the CG Jung Institute in Kusnacht Switzerland. A statue of a woman stands on one foot with open arms.

When we left the sun was bathing the sky and Lake Zurich with oranges and pinks, dancing with the purples, yellows, and blues. Ah! What a way to end the day. I am always struck by how the statue of Psyche in the garden seems to inspire my process and give me hope.  I had to share with you so here’s my rendition with a little digital editing for creative emphasis.

Art Therapy Group for Processing Feelings

This is why groups are so special.  I can’t wait to get back to Columbus and start my next in-person adult art therapy group. It’s meeting on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 starting February 21. Check out details on the group page here.

Email me with questions or if you want to grab one of the few spots left.